CT10 1D Laser Wireless Wifi Bluetooth USB Barcode Scanner

  • $125.00
  • Save $34.99


Both wired USB and wireless Bluetooth communication for your convenience.

1. Through wireless Bluetooth communication, this device supports application programs on all kinds of smart phones and tablets with Android OS to capture barcodes.

2. This device also supports application programs on PC, smart phones and tablets with primary Windows XP/Win 7.0/Win 8.0/WinCE/Mobile OS to capture barcodes.

3. With FLASH memory, it can scan and save thousands of barcodes off-line, and read in the devices at a time after Bluetooth connection.

4. Keep Established Conventions, it still supports wired USB2.0 mode, and with higher priority. When you connect with the USB cable, it is the same as a common barcode scanner. When you remove the USB cable connection, it will connect with devices via wireless Bluetooth.

5. Supports both HID and SPP mode. 

6. ABS+TPU industrial design, it can withstand 1.5m air drop.

7. Competitive cheap price.



  • Scanner
  • USB 
  • Charging cord
  • Instructions