3x1 Direct Thermal Printing Labels

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Product RL928DT - 3" x 1" Roll Labels - 1" Core / 4" Outer Diameter

Direct Thermal material is a smooth, bright white paper with a high sensitivity thermal coating. It is backed with an all-temperature adhesive, ideal for high speed direct thermal printers.

This Direct Thermal material is for thermal printer use only.

The Direct Thermal material is not for use in inkjet or laser printers 


*These labels are not compatible with Dymo and Brother™ printers.

Product RL928DT - 3" x 1" Roll Labels - 1" Core / 4" Outer Diameter

Dimensions: 3" x 1" Gap: 0.125"
Corner Radius: 0.125" Carrier Width: 3.125"
Core Diameter: 1" Wind: Face Out
Outer Diameter: 4" Perforations: Yes (Between labels)
Labels per Roll: 1,375
  • If you are experiencing poor print quality you can try cleaning the print head on your direct thermal printer. In general the print head should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol of at least 70% concentration. For direct thermal printers, the print head should be cleaned when you change the media.
  • Do not use sharp objects to remove label jams. Thermal printers have a platen roller that is made of a rubber compound that pushes the media out the front of the printer. This roller also provides counter pressure to the print head so you have an even print. If the roller is cut, this soft spot will not print clearly and will show as a repeating faded spot on your labels. Also make sure to clean the platen roller with alcohol once a week to avoid build up of residues.
  • Be sure to clean out the dust from your printer at least once or twice per month. Dust in the air as well as dust on the media will accumulate in the printer over time. The dust build up can cause print quality problems as well as sensor issues. To blow out the printer use a dry source of compressed air. Make sure not to let the dust settle back down in to the printer after blowing it out. It is common to have poor print quality for the first few labels as the dust is sometimes blown in to areas that fall on to the labels when printing. It is often a good idea to feed or print a few labels worth of media to clear out any remaining loose dust in the printer.
Please note: these labels are not compatible with Dymo™ and Brother™ printers.